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All Quiet on the Western Front


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Trench Warfare

-Franz Ferdinand is assassinated in Sarajevo, Bosnia on  June 28th
-Austria declares war on Serbia
-Germany declares war on Russia, France
-Germany invades Belgium
-Britain and Commonwealth countries declare war on Germany
-Japan declares war on Germany
-225 000 Russians taken prisoner in the battles of Tannenberg and Masurian Lakes
-Turkey joins Central Powers
-War spreads to the ocean
-Unofficial Chrismtas truce between soldiers on the Western Front
-First use of poison gas by Germany causes the 2nd battle of Ypres, April 22 - May 25
-Italy joins Allies
-Romania joins Allies but is occupied by Austria months later
-Women take up men's jobs in weapons manufacturing in Britain
-Western Front in stalemate
-Lusitania (cruise ship) is sunk by German submarine, 1 200 civilians die
-London attacked by German zeppelins
-Germany captures Warsaw, Poland
-Conscription in Britian for men aged 18-41
-Series of fighting on Western Front causes 1 000 000 casualties in ten months
-Battle of Jutland, largest naval battle in history and the only large-scale naval conflict of the war takes place without a clear victor
-Battle of Somme begin on July 1st, most casualties in a single battle in history
-Uprising in Ireland: Irish Republic declared
-First aeroplane raid on London, British Air Corps is forced to guard the frontline rather than attacking the German Air Force
-British launch large tank offensive at Cambrai
-German Army falls back to the Hindenburg Line
-United States joins war for Allies
-Tanks and gas are used more intensely on Western Front
-Canadians successfully take Vimy Ridge, April 9th
-Greece joins Allies
-Jerusalem and Baghdad are taken by the British Army
-Tzars are overthrown in Russia due to revolution
-Russia surrenders Poland, Ukraine and pays 300 000 000 roubles to Germany to end fighting on the Eastern Front
-Arab guerillas attack Turkish positions in Arabia and Palestine
-Royal Air Force is formed
-German Army launches major offensive on the Western Front
-Allies successfully launch a counter-offensive
-Hindenburg Line collapses
-Armistice signed on November 11, ending the war at 11:00 AM

-Terror can be endured so long as a man simply ducks, but it kills, if a man thinks about it. - Chapter 7, paragraph 5.